SATURDAY, September 17, 9:30AM

Oeder’s Lake Morrow Ohio

CLASSES           900 LB   Child

                           900 LB   Adult

                          1000 LB   Child

                          1000 LB   Adult

                           1100 LB    Child

                            1100 LB    Adult


Adult classes are for Drivers over age 16.



1.     Must be original tire size stock

2.     No duals, chains or 4-wheel drive, two-wheel drive only

3.     Parents are responsible for their children

4.     Driver must show ability to control tractor without assistance.

5.     Original type engine for that make of tractor

6.     Air Cooled only, single or twin cylinder

7.     Stock RPMS

8.     Helpers may only assist for the first 25ft of pull, hands off of tractor until sled comes to a stop

9.     Must have muffler

10.Tractor must be stock in appearance

11.Mower deck may be removed or inoperable

12.Gasoline only

13.All drivers must stay in seat during pull

14.No Modified

15.Original paint and decals for that make of tractor

16.Must have factory seat and hood

17.No weights on weight brackets 

18.All judges’ decision are final.

19.Top 2 pullers in each class must weigh out.

20.Maximum tire size in 900lb and 1000lb class is 23x10.5-12

21.Hitch height: 8 “ in 900 and 1000 lbs,  10” in 1100 lb




Russ Rolke 513-623-7562